NSERVE at SiGMA 2019

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SiGMA is one of those events that is a must for anyone involved in the iGaming sphere. At NSERVE we wanted to make our presence felt this year, which is why we worked hard to create an impressive presence! To achieve this we completely overhauled our website as well as redesigned our brand. We were really excited to showcase our new brand and it’s pretty safe to say that it was a massive hit!

What is SiGMA?

Over the course of 5 years, SiGMA has grown from a small gathering of industry experts to  a huge iGaming festival – with many calling it “The World’s iGaming Village!” It is the definitive iGaming event, operating on both the European and world stages, one that we at NSERVE definitely did not want to miss out on!  

This year’s SiGMA expanded on the progress made in previous years by offering over 12,500 delegates the opportunity to network with leaders in the iGaming industry as well as celebrating the growth of the industry as a whole. This year’s SiGMA certainly offered a lot, from the sheer scale of the conference to the incredible events hosted after, in fact keeping up with everything we had planned was quite a challenge! Fortunately, we managed to cover everything we had planned!

Why was NSERVE at SiGMA

As one of the leading game distributors on the island, we wanted to reach out and connect with the iGaming community as a whole, and SiGMA provided us with the opportunity to do exactly that!  

We’ve had a lot of success over the years, none of which would have been possible if not for our excellent relationship with Amatic Games, who have produced some of the finest games available to date! The games Amatic have developed stand up to the test of time, most of them being born out of physical slot machines which predate the online gaming boom. With this level of pedigree and by working hand-in-hand with Amatic, we are able to produce and distribute the high-quality games our clients have come to know and love!

Thanks to our game release cycle of 2 new games every month, we have ample opportunity to experiment, tweak and refine our formula to consistently release quality game after quality game. By only choosing the best of these games, we’ve quickly racked up a list of over a hundred well-played games that entertain thousands of people all across the world!

SiGMA 2019 Highlights

SiGMA 2019 was a terrific opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people involved in the iGaming sphere! Hundreds of experts from over a dozen different disciplines including, operators, affiliates, growth specialists, taxation experts, legal advisors and social media wizards shared their expertise working in the field. By attending the investor pitches, the panels allowed for the sharing of new ideas and help to spur innovation and growth in the ever-popular sphere of iGaming.

The sheer size of the conference meant that the event was always teeming and bustling with activity. From people trying out the latest games being developed, journalists swarming to catch the latest scoop to managers ironing out deals and swapping business cards. Not to mention, of course, the exciting after parties held after each day of the event!

With all that being said, SiGMA was another successful event for us at NSERVE. Not just because we managed to showcase some of our latest games, but we also got to exhibit our new brand while connecting with the iGaming community. Thanks to Growth Gurus, for our new brand and website, which we love! 

While we don’t usually handle too many events, preferring instead to focus on quality rather quantity, SiGMA was definitely something we at NSERVE are proud to have been a part of!

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